10 Fun Activities That Are Great Exercise


It seems that most people are interested in living healthier lives; and everyone agrees that exercise is one of the keys to living better and longer. The gym is often a good choice for people; but, everyone doesn’t like going to the gym. Some people just don’t feel like getting on a treadmill twice or three times a week.

The good news is, of course, that you can do a lot of things that will increase your heart rate without going anywhere near a gym. Here’s a list of 10 fun activities that you can do by yourself, or with friends and family. You’ll keep active and fit, and have a great time in the process. Remember, of course, that any activity requires some physical exertion; so always check with your health care provider if you’re in doubt.

1) Dancing

Here’s an activity that is guaranteed to give you a great workout and lots of fun at the same time. There are so many different kinds of dance classes available now that you’re spoiled for choice: line dancing, ballroom dancing, Zumba, Flamenco; there’s really no reason why you can’t find something that sounds interesting to you. You can attend many of these classes by yourself, and not feel out of place. Dancing is a great opportunity to socialize, too, and that’s a bonus to the physical invigoration it can provide. If you like music and movement, then dancing is one of the best ways to work up a sweat. Many places hold classes for specific groups, like senior classes, or new mother classes. It’s a great way to burn calories while making new friends.


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