10 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dollar Shave Club

Stand Up ComedianFather’s Day is just around the corner, and it is important to get dad a gift that shows him just how much he’s cared about. While the traditional gifts like tools and dinner are always a great way to show him how much he is loved, we thought it would be fun to explore ten extraordinary Father’s Day gift ideas for dad.

1)  Tickets to see a comedian

What dad does not like to laugh? Unless dad is a Scrooge, he is sure to enjoy a night of laughs at the local comedy club. Some comedy clubs have a drink minimum, so make it a night of cocktails and laughs. Go one step further and make it an evening affair and plan a nice dinner before the show. Many famous, as well as local comedians, tour in major cities. Go big and plan a trip to a big comedy club in the city, and see some of the best up and coming gagsters followed by a headliner of the funniest of funny. Make it a date with one of his buddies, and he will be sure to have a great time. Be generous and bring mom and his adult children, and he is certain to see how much he is appreciatedFlying Lessons

2)  Flying lessons

Up, up, and away! Fill the needs of those adrenaline junky dads with a flying lesson at the local airport.  Most small cities have local airports that offer flying lessons. A lot of cities that are home to universities with pilot programs have airports that offer flying classes. Dads of all walks of life love to try new things, and most of them have not had the opportunity to actually fly a plane.  What little boy did not want to fly a plane at one time or another?  Odds are some sort of piloting is taking up a line on dad’s bucket list.  Show dad his inner childhood dreams are still attainable and that those who love him most are totally on board with helping him achieve them. Help him shorten that bucket list.Patio Swing

3)  A patio swing

Even dads like to sit back, relax, and smell the roses every once in a while. A patio swing is perfect for providing dad with the opportunity to enjoy all that he has worked so hard for.  A few hours rocking back and forth with his kids is sure to remind him of why he does what he does for his family.  Even without the idea patio for a swing, the yard can be ideal for swinging as well.  Swings range from the types that hang from the porch rafters to the types that sit on frames.  They range in style from painted metal to wooden to full blow logs.  Regardless of the type of swing, the location of the swing, or the style of the swing, a nice patio swing outside along with an afternoon enjoying it with dad is sure to put a smile on his face.Baseball

4)  Tickets to a baseball game

This is the perfect gift for those dads who cannot get enough of America’s favorite past time.  Baseball season is in full swing right now, and a day at the ballpark would show dad just how much he’s appreciated.  Rooting for the home team and hanging out with the hometown crowd is a great atmosphere for some fun with dad.  Some quality time doing something that dad likes is sure to remind him that he is important to his family, and the family is certain to have a good time as well.  Spend some time in the sun and enjoy the seventh inning stretch singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” while enjoying a hotdog, and some Cracker Jacks.  Dad would surely love to spend a fun filled day with his family at the ballpark.Golf with Friends

5)  A round of golf with his best friend

No hard working, fun loving dad will turn down a round of golf with a buddy.  After all, a bad day of golf is better than a good day at work anytime! There is no better way to let dad know you understand what he likes by giving him some time away to enjoy himself.   Demonstrate to dad how much you understand what makes him happy with 18 holes for him and his best buddy.  Get creative, and add some extras to his game.  Golf courses have gift cards for the pro shop or the snack bar and lounge.  Throw in a cart and some of his favorite beverages, and he is sure to see how much he means to his family.

Omaha Steaks

6)  Omaha Steaks

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so show dad’s stomach how loved it is with a gift basket of red meat!  Omaha Steaks features Father’s Day gift options for dads with all sorts of different tastes.  There is the Grill Master option for those dads who like to grill.  There is also a Foodie option, for dads who have decadent taste in meat.  They also feature their classic choice of the Steak Lover option for those dads who just love meat because it is meat.  Gift options can be paired with many selections as well.  Omaha Steaks offers desserts and wines to go with their Father’s Day gift possibilities.   These gifts are great choices for showing dad’s stomach how much it is loved!

Dollar Shave Club

7)  Dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club is a great new and innovative company.  In addition to its creative commercials and popular social media adds, Dollar Shave Club is the ideal gift for any dad.  Regardless if dad is a burley hunter with a think hunting beard or a clean-shaven businessman, men like a quality razor.  Dollar Shave Club works like this.  Customers choose one of their shave boxes.  Prices range from $1 per month to $9 per month.  Then razor blades are delivered to dad’s house every month.  Get creative and upgrade the box with some additional products like shave gels or after-shave.   No matter what box dad receives, he is sure to appreciate the simplicity the gift introduces into his life as well as the scents chosen specifically for him.


8)  iGrill

Perfect for the grill masters and meat lovers a like, this new advancement in meat technology is sure to make a grill master’s life much easier.  Additionally, it is sure to make a meat lover’s steaks grilled to perfection.  The way an iGrill works is quite simple.To begin using the iGrill, just download the iGrill app from the app store so that the meat can be monitored from the grill master’s phone.  Grill masters simply place the iGrill probe into the meat that is being grilled or smoked.  Then, the meat temperature can be monitored from the grill master’s phone.  Whether dad is a gadget junky or a meat connoisseur, a perfectly cooked steak is sure to make him smile.Hammock

9)  A hammock

Every dad deserves a special spot to relax and unwind.  A hammock is a great gesture to show dad that he can have a time out from the world.  Whether it is strung between two trees or sitting on a frame on the back porch, a hammock offers dad the comfort of a thought free, work free, hassle free experience.  Find the perfect spot to set up the hammock and show dad you really understand him.  If dad is an outdoor kind of guy, put his hammock somewhere where he can enjoy nature.  Maybe set it by a bird or squirrel feeder.  If dad is a sports nut, set his hammock up close to an outlet so he can listen to sports.  Make sure to make it clear to dad that it is his opportunity to escape into a state of relaxation, and he is sure to enjoy the gift.

Monogram Tools

10)  Monogram his favorite tool

Many companies have begun the practice of monogramming tools for dads.  Find his favorite hammer or his pocket knife or any other hand held device that is dear to his heart, then have it monogrammed by one of the many companies that have begun this practice.  Dad may even enjoy a new hammer or a new pocketknife that is specially labeled for him.  Go one step further and have a tool belt custom made and monogrammed for him.  Be it the belt or the tools, there are many types of monograms available.  Wood can be etched or burned and metal can be engraved.  Needless to say, dad is sure to enjoy any gift from the heart that his is given by his loved ones.

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