10 Physical Training Tips for Seniors



By Amanda Morgan
As the body ages it is important to keep it in tiptop shape. Muscle loss and bone weakness are common side effects of aging. One of the easiest ways to fight against it is to participate in physical training. Physical training can be done by people of all ages if done under the proper conditions and at the correct level for the individual. Check out these 10 ways to properly incorporate physical training into everyday life and say goodbye to the signs of aging.

1) Stretch

Before and after every workout it is important to stretch. Warming up and cooling down should take at least 10 minutes each. Stretching helps to release tension in the muscles and overall helps the body to relax. Relaxed muscles are more flexible and have an increased range of motion predominately in the arms and legs. Stretching does not only have to be done before physical training and should be done two to three times a week. A weekly routine of stretching has been known to gradually combat the effects of aging, such as the stiffer muscles and smaller ranges of motion.

Some important tips to follow when stretching are to maintain a steady breathing pattern and to be gentle when moving. If pain does occur when moving into any position, stop immediately.


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