9 Secret Destinations In The UK

Blue Lagoon
Wilton's Music Hall

Traveling is meant to be an adventure where explorers set out to find the perfect private beach or the best local pub or the most secret historical ruins. But more often than not, travelers get caught up in the tourist destinations and forget that these clandestine places exist. Yet,they are overflowing with opportunities for new adventure and excitement. Taking the time to explore the nooks and crannies in every corner of the world is what those who truly understand the art of traveling search for. The UK is packed with these secret little destinations. Here is a list of the top 9 secret destinations in the UK.

1) Wilton’s Music Hall

Described by Financial Times as, “Intimate and elegantly crumbling” this landmark of London history is sure to amaze travelers. Wilton’s Music Hall is one of the oldest and last grand music halls in the world. It is located close to the historic tower of London concealed halfway down a pedestrian only alley called Graces Alley. Sightseers to Wilton’s Music Hall can expect to explore a living theatre, a concert hall, and a heritage site. Guests to the hall have their choice of tours including: history tours, walking tours, sing along tours, or cinema tours. Creativity is what drives Wilton’s Music Hall, and regardless of the type of journey, visitors are sure to leave feeling inspired. The hall also houses a public bar, so after the excursion, tourists can stop and enjoy a pint with the locals.Blue Lagoon

2) The Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire

This beach epitomizes rural beaches. It’s landscape is lined with a “breached quarry” rich in slate that gives the water a deep blue color—hence the name The Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is the perfect destination for those wishing to partake in the adventure sport of coasteering, climbing the cliffs that neighbor the ocean and then jumping into the ocean and swimming in rough currents when the cliffs are impassable. There are many coasteering guides that will take visitors on coasteering adventures. Additionally,lining the coast are several old cottages in ruins. Adventure seekers who do not get enough thrills jumping off cliffs can spend some time taming their inner child by exploring the ruins. This secret UK destination is the perfect attraction for thrill seekers.Llanthony Priory

3) Llanthony Priory, Wales

Founded in 1136 by Miles de Gloucester as a retreat for monks of Llanthony Priory, this secret Wales destination is chockfull of history and beauty. Its mix of Norman and Gothic architecture styles is sure to interest those who are looking to visit the castles of Britain. Llanthony Priory is one of Britain’sfirst houses of the Augustinian cannons. Nestled far up the Vale of Ewyas in the Black Mountains, the priory is recognized for its picturesque setting amid the remote. Recent exploration led to the discovery of a very primitive and rare type of clock with no dials. These 12th century ruins are sure to spark the interest of visitors, and those seeking some educational travel are sure to enjoy the historical tales of its many years of existence.

Angus Glens

4) Angus Glens, Scotland

This central Scotland region is perfect for nature enthusiasts who wish to relax or for educational tourists looking to see some great historical sites. Located near the city of Dundee, Angus Glens is made up of six glens known for their hills covered in heather, their streams, and their forests full of wildlife and activity. The six glens: Glenisla, Glen Prosen, Glen Clova, Glen Doll, Glen Lethnot, each boast their own uniqueness. A visit to Glenisla can offer visitors the opportunity to explore the Cateran Trail, the historical trail of the feared cattle thieves. Glen Prosen offers visitors interested in history a view believed by many to be the favorite of Captain Scott of the Antarctic. Those who love plants will enjoy the scenery and flora grown in Glen Clova and Glen Doll. Visitors who like a good, stiff drink should tour the streams of Glen Lethnot where distillers once hid their illegal stills. Lastly, a commemoration to Queen Victoria can be found in Glen Esk, Queen’s Well. This is where her majesty stopped on a journey from Deeside to Glenesk for a drink of water. History and beauty hidden among the mountains is sure to spark enjoyment for travelers of all sorts.

Battle, England

5) Battle, England

This town is sure to be a hit for history buffs. Battle, England, is the site of the famous battle where William Duke of Normandy and King Harold II fought the famous battle, the Battle of Hastings. It is a fact that this historical event changed the course of English history. After the battle, the Pope ordered William the conqueror to build Battle Abby to commemorate those who lost their lives. The site of the Abby is the place where King Harold fell. Since then the town has been build around the Abby to offer visitors a remarkableouting. The town has museums, golf, shopping and fine dining, and it is sure to be a great trip for those wanting to explore some British history.Snowdonia

6) Snowdonia, Wales

Nature lovers are sure to enjoy a trip to Snowdonia Mountains. Snowdonia National Park is home to the biggest mountain in Wales and England, and it is sure to bring some great adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Snowdonia is also home to many beaches and cliffs for swimming and hiking. There are walking trails for those who just wish to relax and take in flora and fauna. Travelers can also charter boat rides if they are looking to spend some time on the water. The area is also know for hosting many different festivals through out the year, so with some planning, travelers can find something that will spark their interest so that they can spend the day enjoying the heritage that is being offered. Those in search of nature and water are sure to enjoy a trip to Snowdonia.Isle of Skye

7) The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Those looking for adventure should consider the Isle of Skye in Scotland. National Geographic rated The Isle of Skye the fourth best island in the world. Adventure seekers can take a two-day hike up the Cuillin Ridge for a mountaineering experience. Water adventurers can choose to take a three-hour boat trip in an inflatable raft to explore the sea life. Regardless what type of thrill seeking travelers are chasing, The Isle of Skye offers them all. For those who are not into chasing sea life, relaxing on the white sand beaches is definitely an option. The Isle of Skye also offers some education for those looking to grow their knowledge while traveling the UK. The Isle of Skye was under Norse rule during the Mesolithic period of history, so visitors who are interested in the past should enjoy some of the historical landmarks from this period. History, relaxation, and exploration are all great ways to spend time when traveling, and Scotland’s Isle of Skye offers all three.Caernarfon Castle

8) Caernarfon Castle, Wales

History lovers will adore this unique castle located at the southern end of the Menai Strait. This castle was built by Edward I as a symbol of English power of the Welsh so he incorporated both a town and a market within its walls. While it does not boast the defensive capabilities as most of Edward I’s castles is by far his most impressive from an architectural standpoint. Its construction began in 1283 with timber shipped from Liverpool, Rhuddlan and Conway. Many visitors find the Eagle Tower to be the most impressive part of the castle to visit because its turrets. Regardless of what part of the castle is most attractive or interesting to visitors, it is sure to be a fantastic day trip for travelers.Porthsychan

9) Porthsychan, near Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

Just 10 minutes from Fishguard and 20 minutes from Struble Head lies Porthsychan beach. This quite cove is perfect for families who wish to escape the busy summer beach crowds. Three streams feed into this bay area. Porthsychan is the perfect swimming area as long as travelers stay in the bay area. Strong currents are just offshore, so swimming is not safe in that area. Often times, travelers can see seals playing along the coast at this secret Wales beach. Swimming is not the only thing that visitors to Porthsychan can do. The low headlands also provide the perfect landscape for waterfalls, and Porthsychan has a few that travelers can hike to and explore. Perfect for nature watching or hiding from the summer crowd, this beach is a gem for those looking to do some exploring.

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