10 Bucket List Things You Can Cross Off When in Ottawa

By Sophia Oldford
Sophia Oldford is a writer and dedicated list maker living in the Ottawa Valley. Read about her efforts to find the more in less at her blog GiftOfLess.com

Are you still saving up to travel around the world so you can cross some of those bucket items off your list? Want to take an engraved lock to Paris’ Pont des Arts Bridge to padlock a statement of your love? Sip on a cocktail while sailing through the locks of the Panama Canal? Pop over to San Francisco to sample the real deal in Asian food in Chinatown? A great alternative to jet lag and credit card debt is Ottawa, Canada, where you can do all of those things and more.

1) Corktown Footbridge

If leaving a lovers’ lock on the railing of Paris’ Pont des Arts Bridge was on your bucket list, you’re out of luck. This month Paris officials began removing the locks for safety reasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make the romantic gesture of snapping on an engraved lock with your initials entwined with those of your beloved and throwing the key into the river. The Corktown Footbridge in Ottawa is fast becoming the location for declarations of love, marriage proposals and yes, lovers’ locks on the railing. Authorities in Ottawa say there are no safety concerns so you can snap that lock shut secure in the knowledge that your symbol of love will remain intact, regardless of how long the relationship lasts.


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