10 Things You Should Never to Do While Driving

chat on cell

Although many people do it every day, driving is a very complicated activity. Driving requires us to coordinate a lot of different information at once: we have to ‘watch the road’, accurately judge distance and speed of other objects, remember where we want to go, abide by the traffic laws, all at accelerated speeds in enclosed spaces with incredible power.

You might think once you’ve learned the skills, you don’t really have to pay all that much attention to what you’re doing. You’d be wrong, of course. To help show you why, here’s a list of 10 things that you absolutely should avoid when driving. All of them have something in common: they will distract your attention from driving and put you, your passengers and the other people on the road in danger.

1) Chat on the Cell

Talking on your cell phone is one of the worst things to do while driving; and it is so dangerous that you’re banned from doing so in many places in the world. You may think that just because you are not looking at your phone that you are driving safely. The facts are that you are much less likely to attend to changes in the traffic situation effectively and quickly when you are distracted by a conversation you’re having with someone. Hands-free devices may help a little bit; but, even then, you are still dividing your mental effort between the highly demanding task of driving safely, and keeping a conversation going with a disembodied voice. Driving demands you stay alert and prepared to respond. So, do everyone a favor: don’t talk and drive.


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