11 Best New High-Tech Gadgets for 2018

By Amanda Weiss

We live in a world where technology is advancing so quickly. And this can be great, because it means there are new products that can make certain tasks easier. New technological gadgets are constantly being created for entertainment, safety, convenience, home improvement, and more. And with the new year, there are several new items you may want to try out. Regardless of age, lifestyle, or profession, there are some new technological products you can make use of. Whether you are looking for some cool things to gift or want to keep them for yourself, here are 11 of the best new high-tech gadgets for 2018.

1) Vimble S Video Stabilizer

In current times, taking pictures and videos is extremely popular, at least partially due to viral online trends. People love posting videos to social media, whether for entertainment or as a job. And when recording something you want to remember, having clear visuals is important. Therefore, avoiding shaky footage is something to aim for. The Vimble S phone stabilizer is a great tool for people who want their filming to look professional. It is compatible with iPhones and many Android devices. Using the associated app, the device can track faces in video and record time lapses, among other functions. Its motor is also very quiet, so you will not have mechanical whirring interrupting your audio. According to, the Vimble S will cost you $239, which could be a good investment if filming is a big part of your life.

2) Levitation Bionic Knee Brace

If you have experienced knee injuries, everyday tasks can bring on pain. This pain can interfere with your ability to have fun in daily life, which is not an ideal scenario. So, technology that can help stabilize the joint and allow you to do more activities is a great advantage. The Levitation bionic knee brace is one such gadget. The Levitation works in a similar manner as do spring-loaded devices. It is able to store motion energy and give you more lift when straightening your leg. It stabilizes the knee and absorbs shock in order to prevent further damage. Since it uses liquid springs, there is no motor or battery, and the brace is lightweight. For both everyday mobile activities and more intense workouts, the Levitation can provide the support you need to keep going.

3) dbell Smart Video Doorbell

If you are looking to increase your home security, you may want to consider some kind of video device. If specifically tracking who comes to your door is important, a smart video doorbell is for you. The dbell is a device that can notify you via regular doorbell and phone when someone is at your door. The dbell records and saves video of visitors and has a night vision camera for when it’s dark. It also has a microphone and speaker, so you can talk to people outside your house. It’s easy to set up at your home, has an associated app, and can access the internet via wi-fi or ethernet connection. In terms of security, you will receive email alerts for intruder detection. This will help you notify authorities earlier in an emergency. And according to, dbell costs only $139.

4) Argonault Power Wheelchair

For people who are confined to a wheelchair, getting around in certain places can be a challenge. Although efforts are made for more accessibility in modern venues, older places may be less wheelchair-friendly. The Argonault wheelchair can be a great help in these scenarios. It can be extremely helpful for getting in and out of vehicles. It is able to ascend and descend to various levels. And it can do that while the seat remains horizontal, rather than tilting, as on a ramp. The seat of the chair can also lower to reach things further down, then raise back up. Its relatively low center of gravity gives it enhanced stability on inclines. Additionally, it is capable of going over obstacles on the ground. Because of the Argonault’s extensive functionality, it can help wheelchair users have more mobility independence.

5) Prynt iPhone Case

Sometimes after taking some nice pictures, you want a hard copy of the image to keep. So, if you want to print photos on the go, the Prynt phone case or pocket can do that. You can plug your phone directly into the case and print high quality pictures instantly. The images are actually ink-free, so there isn’t the concern of smearing them post-print. And carrying Prynt around won’t weigh you down—it’s small and easily portable. But if you don’t have it with you all the time, you can connect and print later. If you prefer, there are also options to edit your photos before printing them. All in all, if you are big on preserving memories in photograph form, this very first mobile phone printer is the way to go for you.

6) Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Electronics and technological gadgets have become an integral part of our daily routines. And our devices are becoming more connected as further advancements are made. Since people have so many technological products, a device like Sevenhugs smart remote was practically inevitable. This remote can be used to control so many aspects of your home. This includes both entertainment and more practical elements. For example, the remote’s functions range from controlling the television to adjusting the thermostat to locking doors. Sevenhugs is compatible with devices from many different brands. And it can be used over wi-fi, Bluetooth, or infrared. It can even be used to call for an Uber car and control cameras on your property. Ultimately, Sevenhugs will streamline your day because you do not have to worry about piles of remotes laying around.

7) Kingii Flotation Wristband

Swimming, either in pools or at the beach, is a pleasant pastime for many. But whenever someone is swimming, especially a child, safety must be taken into consideration. If something happens that leaves you unable to swim, you need a backup plan. That is where the Kingii can help you out. This flotation device is small and can be worn around your wrist. It has great features, including a whistle and compass. It is also easy to use in an emergency scenario. You just have to pull a lever, which releases carbon dioxide from a cartridge into a flotation bag. This will help keep you at the surface of the water. It is also brightly colored, so you will be easy to spot if you need help. Additionally, it is reusable—you just have to replace the CO2 cartridge. The price is also reasonable, at $89, according to

8) Liftware Level Spoon

If you are able-bodied, you may not ever think about the challenges disabilities can bring to everyday life. But there are many people out there for whom routine tasks can be difficult. For instance, some people, after injuries or health problems, have a limited range of motion. This can make it hard to do things such as lift food to their mouths steadily. The Liftware Level is a promising solution to this issue. The Level is a handle that can be attached to different eating utensils. It uses multiple sensors to recognize and counteract unintended movement. Resultantly, it keeps your food steady even if your arms cannot. This device is rechargeable and can make it much easier to get through a meal. Therefore, it can decrease frustration and make it enjoyable to get the nourishment you need.

9) Ultra-Ever Dry

For a lot of everyday items, getting wet can be either a minor inconvenience or a significant problem. So, keeping certain technologies dry is an important task. With Ultra-Ever Dry, you don’t have to be concerned about water causing damage. This product has an extremely hydrophobic hydrocarbon coating that will repel water and aqueous solutions. It can also repel some oil-based liquids. When you put this coating on an object, you are adding a layer with unique surface chemistry and texture. Together, this causes many liquids to bead up rather than sink in. This can help prevent staining or even loss of function for some products. Additionally, Ultra-Ever Dry is resistant to abrasion and adhesion, so it is stronger than other similar coatings. In addition to repelling liquids, it also repels bacteria, so your coated object will remain clean.

10) FORMcard

If you have ever been in a scenario where you needed to patch something up, you would have benefited from FORMcard. This product is a credit card-sized piece of melt-able and moldable bioplastic. It is starch-based and has been produced to be entirely non-toxic. All you have to do to use it is melt it in a cup of hot water, wait for it to cool, then shape it into what you need. It can be used to fix things such as toys, tools, storage hooks, and more. FORMcard plastic is strong like nylon, so it will last for a long time. Furthermore, if you find you no longer need it to patch something, you can reuse it. It just needs to be re-melted and reshaped. It comes in several different colors already, and the company plans to release more in the future.

11) U-SAFE Buoy

Drowning is the cause of several hundred thousand deaths each year. As such, it makes sense that companies are constantly coming up with new ways to prevent this from happening. The U-SAFE Buoy is a gadget that can help get you to safety if you are unable to swim. It is a self-propelling, remote-controlled flotation device. It can be launched off any sort of platform surface. That means that you can employ it to help someone without putting your own life at risk. It can travel up to 3 miles, with a speed of 15 knots. The device itself weighs 8 kilograms but has floatability up to 200 kg. Therefore, it can provide help to children and adults, alike. Since the U-SAFE can help rescue people quickly, it improves the chances of saving their lives.

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