11 Things That Can Make You Look and Feel Younger

By Amanda Morgan

You have probably heard the phrase, “Age is just a number,” at least once in your lifetime. People of all ages uses this expression to suggest how a person’s age does not correlate to their attitude or appearance. Fortunately, this statement can be true as often a person’s age does not correspond to their physical appearance and instead relies on other external factors. Someone’s appearance can be influenced by factors such as diet, exercise, and cosmetics. These aspects play a critical role in helping people to look and feel younger. Check out 11 things that will help you look your best and feel younger.

1) Exercise

A person’s exercise habits have an enormous impact on their physical appearance. Exercise is beneficial to people as it causes muscles to become more toned, fat to decrease, and toxins to become expelled. Engaging in regular exercise may help you to feel and look younger than ever before. Typically, fit bodies are associated with youth and good health. In addition, regular fitness slows cell aging which will keep you looking younger, longer. No matter your level of fitness, yoga is a great exercise to take part in. Yoga will prevent against the aches and pains that are so common as one becomes older. You will notice flexibility, and strength increase after partaking in yoga. This is an important aspect of feeling young. Working out three times a week will have an enormous impact on your physical health and appearance.

2) Clothing

What does your outfit say about you? Clothes have more power than we think, especially when it comes to looking younger. When people wear clothes that fit properly and are age appropriate, they will come off as younger than their true age. It is important when picking clothes, that they accentuate and flatter your body. They should also be appropriate for your age. That doesn’t mean they can’t be trendy. Stylists are now recommending adding a pop of color to your clothing as it will prevent you from looking too washed out. This can be in the form of a jacket, a bag, or shoes. If you wear glasses, try to avoid dark thick frames as they can call attention to your eyes and specifically bags under the eyes. Instead try thin, plastic frames that complement the shape of your face.

3) Skin Care (sunscreen)

The appearance of your skin may be causing you to look older than you truly are. Wrinkles, dark spots, and laugh lines are all signs of aging that are commonly displayed on the face. It’s important to wash your face every day to remove oils and dirt on the skin. This will keep your skin looking fresh and clean when going out into the world. Face scrubs and masks are also great tools to use to open pores and remove blemishes. Wrinkles are one of the most common signs of aging. There are many different methods to eliminate wrinkles from using anti-aging serums, changing your diet, and limiting your sun exposure. Some people even turn to cosmetic procedures to give themselves a younger look. Feel more confident and vibrant by taking care of your skin.

4) Hydration

Hydration is the key to maintaining a younger looking physique. It is important to take care of your skin by moisturizing and take care of your body by drinking plenty of water. Moisturizer will add hydration back into your skin, allowing it to forgo its dry appearance and look more radiant. Glowing skin is always a great look to be wearing and one that will scream youth. While hydrating your skin is very important it is equally important to drink ample amounts of water throughout the day. It is recommended that people drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day. This number will vary depending on a person’s height, weight, and activity level. Water helps to reduce wrinkles, increase lose weight, and aid in digestive issues. This will help you look and feel younger than ever before.

5) Hair Style

The face is usually one the first features that people notice when looking at a person. It’s important to have hair that complements your face, and does not detract from it. Hair style is critical in helping people to feel and look younger. Hair styles that are age appropriate and frame the face will give an overall younger appearance than hair that is not styled to compliment your features. Not only is hair style important to consider when trying to look younger; hair color can also play an important role in lightening your complexion. Hair color should look natural and not draw the eyes away from the face. Most stylists recommend adding lighter tones into the hair to add brightness to the face. The highlights should always look natural to produce dazzling results.

6) Cosmetics

Make-up can make or break how you appear to the people around you. When it is applied well, it can take years off your face. When it’s caked on, however, it will show all the fine lines in your skin. It’s important to adjust your makeup to your skin type. There is makeup made for oily skin, dry skin, and even combination skin. By matching your makeup to your skin type it will ensure that it looks natural when applied. Most makeup artists rave about BB creams (short for beauty or blemish creams) as it adds moisture to the face and will not look chalky like powder foundation. Don’t forget bronzer and blush as they will add a rosy glow to your cheeks. Even if you have no time to put on makeup, putting on a simple lip balm can brighten up your face and take years off your appearance.

7) Food

What you put into your body makes a difference to your physical appearance and how you feel. Eating nutritious food may be the difference between having some pep in your step, or looking tired. Fresh fruits and vegetables will give you lasting energy that can make you feel and look wide awake. Junk foods high in sugars and processed ingredients will cause the opposite effect and ultimately will leave you tired. Foods that are rich in DMAE (also known as dimethylaminoethanol), like salmon and other omega-rich fish will help you to increase muscle mass and it will help your skin maintain a youthful appearance. Other foods high in antioxidants like acai or spinach will promote antiaging. Join the trend and pick up an acai bowl to not only eat something delicious but also help you on your quest to look younger.

8) White Teeth and Smile

A white, bright smile can go a long way in helping you to achieve that youthful look you’ve always wanted. People have recently observed how white teeth can help you look younger. A recent study showed that white teeth came make a person look 5 years younger and more attractive. It is important to brush your teeth at least two times a day (once in the morning and once at night) to gain a whiter smile and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Avoiding drinks and foods that may stain your teeth like coffee and tea. Chocolate will also help you to have whiter teeth. You may want to consider investing in whitening strips or toothpaste if you feel that your teeth aren’t white enough. Most importantly, show off your smile to the world! People with a smile always look younger!

9) Eyebrows

It is time to stop over tweezing, and embrace your eyebrows. Natural eyebrows are back in style and they are an easy way to make yourself look younger. Unnaturally thin eyebrows cause people to look older. Thicker brows that complement the face, can brighten your eyes, and distract from blemishes on the face. While you shouldn’t thin out your eyebrows, you can trim them to get a better shape and cleaner look. When your eyebrows are taken care of it, it will help you look youthful and radiant. Eyebrow gel is a great tool to keep around if your eyebrow hairs do not like to stay in place. If you feel that your eyebrows have significantly thinned out, consider using makeup to reshape them. Treat your eyebrows right and turn back the clock ten years.

10) Sleep

Beauty sleep is real and can be an important influence on your physical appearance. People who don’t get enough sleep may have duller skin and give off melancholy auras. When you get a proper night’s rest, you will feel ready to take on the day. Watch as your actions become full of purpose and determination. People with more energy give off a radiant aura which will convince people you are younger. Many people notice a difference in their vibrancy in as little as two weeks. Sleeping will also eliminate bags and sagging skins. It is recommended that people sleep about eight hours every night. Without sleep your body cannot function at its highest capacity and look its best. Get a goodnight sleep tonight and your body will thank you tomorrow.

11) Eliminate Stress

Stress takes a major toll on your body both internally and externally. While it is impossible to avoid stress completely in your life, it is best to face stress head on and not let it fester. Once you confront the issue that is causing you discomfort, it will put both your mind and body at ease. Bodies that are constantly under stress show signs of acne outbreaks and eczema. Internally the body also suffers, and the stress can lead to stomach pain, migraines, or heart problems. This will put your body under more stress and cause more damage to your body. Some people find morning meditation to be an effective practice to combat daily stress. Treat your body right by taking care of your mental health and notice a younger you looking back in the mirror.

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