8 Ways Too Much TV Can Ruin Your Life


We all have our own guilty pleasure TV show. However, this seemingly harmless form of entertainment can hurt more than it helps. Studies have shown many negative effects resulting from watching television. Most people who watch TV are victims of at least one of our eight reasons why too much TV can ruin a person’s life.

1) Procrastination

If people don’t want to do something they will do nearly anything else, coming up with many excuses as they can to not do it. Sometimes, this even includes other tasks they hate to do such as cleaning the living room or washing dishes.

Watching TV ranks at the top of the list of a procrastinator’s resources. The problem is that the TV is such an effective distraction. Many people find that once they begin watching one program, they simply cannot pull themselves away from the TV and end up watching a lot more than the one episode they originally intended to watch. With other tasks people choose to procrastinate with, the chore will eventually be completed. This forces a person to move on to the task he or she should be doing. In comparison, watching TV is an intriguing time-waster that doesn’t end.


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