8 Ways to Stop Snoring Naturally

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By Amanda Morgan
Is snoring a problem you or someone you know faces every night? If you are one of the 90 million adults in the United States who is unable to get a good night’s sleep due to snoring, don’t fret, there may be a solution. Snoring is a very common problem, but it can have an enormous impact on your physical health and sleep schedule. It can also impact the people who sleep around you. Check out these seven ways to stop snoring naturally and get the rest you deserve.

1) Anti-Snoring Devices

There are a variety of devices available that claim to open up the airways and prevent snoring. Below are some of the solutions you will come across if you search for snoring devices.

  • head gears and mouth guards that adjust the positioning of your jaw and open airways
  • nasal strips that you basically tape over your nose to keep your nasal passages open
  • clips that you insert into your nose to keep your nasal airways open.’s best selling nose clips are a product called SnoreCare, which has been reviewed by over 1,000 people and 94% of those who reviewed the product give it 4 or 5 stars, which means it works for a lot of people. Many of the devices you will find cost less than $20, so it may be worth the investment to try one.

2) Sleep Position

If you have ever been woken up by snoring, then you know that the first reaction you have, besides being annoyed, is to push the person onto their side. When a person is on their side, the base of the tongue is unable to go back into the throat. For most people it is this collision which causes snoring. The best ways to eliminate snoring is to permanently change the position you sleep in. One way to do this is to attach a tennis ball onto the back of your shirt. This will prevent you from rolling over in the middle of the night. Another benefit of this method is it will not wake you up! Your body will naturally recognize that it is uncomfortable to sleep with the tennis ball and readjust your body to the side.


3) Clean your room

Dust, pollen, and dander, oh my! These are three of the biggest irritants that can be lurking in your room right now. Snoring can be caused by airway irritation. It is important to continuously clean your room to eliminated these allergens. There are many ways to eliminate these irritants. First, try vacuuming your room regularly, this will pick up any pollen and dirt that comes into the room with you. This is very important if you have a pet that continuously comes into the room. Remember to clean all the surfaces in your room biweekly. These surfaces can be dressers, televisions, or bookshelves.

Pillow cases are known for collecting dust mites if not properly washed every week. Since the pillow case is right by your face, it could be the main contributor to snoring. If you notice that during the day your airways feel clear but at night they become congested, then consider changing your pillow cases.


4) Weight

Snoring can be significantly influence by weight. The more fat that is on your neck, the narrower the airway is. As the airway becomes smaller, the body has to devote more energy and force into breathing. This closing of the airway leads to the sounds that are associated with snoring. Snoring can potentially be dangerous for your health. When the body feels that it is not getting enough air, it will release adrenaline into the blood stream. Adrenaline will cause the heart to race faster and it could lead to a heart attack. By walking just 30 minutes every day, you can significantly improve your health and reduce snoring. Also look at your diet and see if it may be contributing to this problem. Try to develop a routine of walking daily and eating healthier so snoring can be a thing of the past. alcohol-730x350

5) Avoid Alcohol

Your nightly glass of wine may be contributing to your loud snoring. Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and allows the tongue to fall slightly back into the throat. This slight movement of the tongue may cause your airway to become blocked. To compensate for this blockage your body will move air more forcefully which may produce snoring.

One way to avoid this is by eating more while you drink alcohol. Instead of drinking right before bed, consider having a glass of wine with dinner. The food will help to absorb the alcohol and reduce the effects. Drinks with lower alcohol content will also help minimize the effects of alcohol. Overall, the best way to eliminate these effects are to completely abstain from drinking. Skip the drink tonight and have the best sleep of your life. breathing-techniques-730x350

6) Breathing Techniques

Say goodbye to snoring with some easy breathing techniques. The optimal time to complete these exercises are close to bed time. The goal is to induce proper breathing and relaxation. The first exercise is deep breathing. This will help to strengthen your diaphragm and control how much air you take in at night. In order to properly complete this technique, make sure you are on your back and your hands are on your stomach. Try to do this four times. The next technique to help strengthen your diaphragm is to hum. As you exhale, make a humming noise.

The final technique people swear by is to move your tongue forwards and backwards over the roof of your mouth before bed. Most people are unsure of why this works but it cannot hurt you to give it a try. sleep-schedule-730x350

7) Make a Sleeping Schedule

Most people have learned that sleep is critical for both mental and physical health. Another benefit of sleep is it helps to eliminate snoring. An irregular sleep schedule can cause the body to fall into a very deep sleep. When your body is in a deep sleep, the muscles in the back of the throat relax and cause snoring.

Having a consistent sleep schedule is a very easy way to prevent snoring. Make it your goal to go to bed every night at the same time and wake up around the same time. Most importantly, avoid naps! Naps can mess up your sleep schedule for the day and throw your body off balance. Adults should try to get around seven hours of sleep while children and teenagers may need close to nine hours. peppermint-730x350

8) Peppermint

Peppermint: savior of your breath and now the solution to snoring. Peppermint’s benefits go beyond helping you control your bad breath. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and is useful in helping to reduce the lining of the throat and nose. Inflammation of the nose and throat can contribute to snoring. Peppermint can be used in two ways to control snoring: through a humidifier and through mouthwash.

Humidifiers by themselves can help control snoring but with drops of peppermint added, the combination is unbeatable. The humidifier prevents dry air within the room and will help your nose from becoming irritated. An irritated nose can cause congestion and snoring. Also dry air can worsen snoring if you are a mouth breather. The dry air will cause throat irritation and trigger the moisture to thicken in your throat which ultimately causes sounds to be amplified. Peppermint will only enhance the positive effects that humidifiers have.

If humidifiers aren’t for you then consider gargling with peppermint mouthwash. The peppermint helps to shrink the lining of the nose and throat which will eliminate snoring.

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