9 Best Cities To Live In If You Have Kids


When it comes to giving your children an environment in which they can grow and prosper, you can never be too careful. Where you live can determine how comfortable or troubling your family life will be. To help you make a smart decision in choosing which city to live in, we’ve compiled a list of nine best cities to live in if you have kids.

1) Sandusky, Ohio

Located between Toledo and Cleveland, Sandusky is a small, idyllic city of 25,000 residents. It’s a city for people who want to raise their kids outside the madness of a metropolitan area, but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of living in a vibrant neighborhood.

Despite its small population and serenity, the city is remarkable for having almost everything that a metropolitan city has. Maybe it’s because of its high median income of $64,000, or maybe it’s because of the low crime rate.

What makes it even more attractive for people with kids is the quality and cost of education. There are schools for kids of every age group. As for medical care — Sandusky has an abundance of pediatricians and other doctors to choose from.


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