9 Secret Destinations In Quebec

Les Voutes de Napoleon

Traveling to new cities always bring excitement and sparks curiosity. There are so many places to explore in cities across the world. Quebec is one city that has many different and unique places to explore. Visiting the must see destinations is something travels are obligated to do when exploring a new city, but here is a list of the top nine secret destinations that Quebec has to offer its guests.

1) Les Voûtes de Napoléon

Les Voûtes de Napoléon is a microbrewery perfect for music lovers. Adorned with brick walls and boasting a wine cellar type décor, Les Voûtes de Napoléon is a popular hotspot for Quebecois music. The majority of those who frequent this basement bar are French-speaking locals, but the staff at this bar loves to invite travelers to experience the special music filled nightlife found here. Weekend music at this cozy basement bar comes complete with audience sing alongs. It offers a quite and relaxing atmosphere that travelers will love. Visitors must be looking for this clandestine, relaxing bar in order to find it. It is truly one of Quebec’s secret charms.

St Roch

2) St. Roch

A restored concert site in the middle of the city, St. Roch is now one of the trendiest parts of Quebec. Home to many entrepreneurs, this part of the city is what many call “New Quebec.” Many believe this to be the most active part of Quebec with its café’s and focus on local foods and culture. Art galleries showcasing the work of many up and coming local artists can be seen in this sector of the city. Galleries featuring sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry are also nestled amongst the storefronts. Shopping is also a staple in St. Roch. Many stores line the streets. Mountain Equipment Co-op has its largest location in St. Roch. Hugo Boss is also located in St. Roch. At the center of the area is a Parc St. Roch, where many different performances occur. When no performances are going on, visitors can enjoy the beautiful gardens. Those looking for life and excitement or quiet tranquility are sure to enjoy the St. Roch area.


3) Benjo

Those travelers who are on a quest to find their true inner child will love this secret destination in Quebec. Benjo, a creative toy store located on Boulevard Charest, is the perfect stop for parents and children alike. Every adult’s inner child is truly awoken when they enter this precisely divided store. Offering a variety of French games, books, and toys, this store is a great stop for travelers looking to explore the culture on a completely different and unique level. The café is where the true “magic” happens. Boasting many fantastic, kid friendly kid cuisines, this café is the most satisfying part of the destination. Lined with oversized thrones and serving waffle cones clad in sprinkles and all the right toppings, this café is certainly a sweet treat for visitors.


4) Charlevoix

Those looking for the perfect outdoor location in Quebec should consider visiting the Charlevoix area. This area is perfect for families or couples. With so much to offer, Charlevoix is the ideal destination for any type of traveler. It is located at the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River and in the Laurentian Mountains region. Visitors to this area can enjoy the many different outdoor activities. Skiing, biking, hiking, horseback riding, and camping are all activities that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy. This area is the perfect four seasons destination. Fine dining and gambling are also activities that travelers who are not into the outdoors can enjoy. There is no shortage of museums in Charlevoix. Regardless of what type of activities travelers are searching for, Charlevoix is sure to provide a variety of fun and excitement for those looking to explore Quebec’s secret destinations.


5) Terrasse Dufferin

Complete with history and charm, Terrasse Dufferin is one of old Quebec City’s most interesting and historical sights. Terrasse Dufferin is a terrace that runs along the St. Lawrence River. Lord Dufferin had it built in 1879. Many different sights can be found along the walkway including cannons that were used during the Crimean War. Many other historical stops can be found along the way for travelers who wish to stop and explore some of the history of Quebec. The summer offers entertainment along the walkway. Performances and festivals of many different types can be watched as travels walk up and down the terrace. Those who are looking to take in the beauty that Quebec has to offer while learning some of the city’s rich history should stroll the Terrasse Dufferin.


6) Lévis

Lévis is located in eastern Quebec along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. Its riverfront location makes it a great place for those who enjoy extreme outdoors sports. History and art can also be enjoyed at this travel destination. Visitors can enjoy events such as skiing, snowmobiling, ATV riding, paraskiing, dog sledding and many other outdoor adventures. For those who do not enjoy extreme outdoor sports, there are many different art museums and galleries that visitors can tour in this secret Quebec location. The art of unique artists Jean Greiner and Kim Veilleux can be seen in galleries in Lévis. Travelers wishing to brush up on their history can visit La fresque Desjardins de Lévis where they can learn about the history of Lévis through images. Lévis and all of its unique activities and events are sure to offer visitors a great experience.

Ile d"Orleans

7) Île d’Orléans

Complete with history and tradition, Île d’Orléans is one of Quebec’s most beautiful destinations. Located just minutes from the city, Île d’Orléans is an island that stretches along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Visitors can experience art, history, vineyards, and fine dining. There are outdoor activities aplenty on the island as well. The island boasts six different gardens with a variety of flora that visitors can tour and enjoy. There is no shortage of fresh food on the island either. It is famous for its fertile soil, and it is major provider of Quebec’s fresh fruit and vegetables. The summer also offers an outdoor camp for kids ages 5-12 where they can experience both outdoor and artistic activities. Île d’Orléans is certainly a well-kept island secret just outside the city limits. Soup and Cie

8) Soup and Cie

Soup and Cie is the prime example of the part of Quebec’s culture that celebrates the art of gastronomy. This one of a kind restaurant is located in Limoilou, a short walk from the city. Crossing either the de la criox-rouge or the rue de pont bridge will lead visitors to what many locals call a must visit location. This restaurant is famous for its soups from around the world, and the menu is not just limited to French cuisine. Travelers looking to experience a unique dining experience featuring the tastes of the world should try Soup and Cie. The décor of this location is as brilliant as the food. Although the restaurant is famous for its soups, they are not the only food the restaurant has to offer. Guests also rave about the deserts. Visitors looking to experience a unique dining experience should consider stopping in at Soup and Cie.Ste-Foy

9) Ste-Foy

Many secret gems exist in this part of Quebec. Travelers searching for class and high end shopping should visit Place Laurier, Canada’s largest shopping mall. The best shopping can be done here. Famous brands from around the world offer shopping at Place Laurier. These labels include: Apple, Marciano, Sephora, Swarovski, Banana Republic, and many other high-end retailers. Travelers looking to spend some time shopping while visiting Quebec should certainly stop at Place Laurier. Not interested in shopping? The Parc Aquarium de Quebec is located in Ste-Foy. This is a huge outdoor park with an aquarium that is home to over 3,500 different types of marine life. The Universite Laval is also located in Ste-Foy. This is Canada’s most respected university. Those who are interested in learning history, watching wildlife, or indulging in a shopping spree should certainly check out this downtown Quebec location.

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