9 Health Benefits of Eating Delicious Beef

By Amanda Morgan
In today’s modern age it seems like everyone is trying some new fad diet from eating no carbohydrates to skipping all dairy products to avoiding red meat. However, what many people don’t consider is that when eaten in moderation, red meat provides many benefits to the body. If you can get your hands on grass-fed beef, which is leaner and has a higher content of omega-3s (the heart healthy “good fats”), the benefits are even greater. In either case, there are certainly benefits to eating a nice juicy piece of beef once a week.

1) Muscle Building Protein

Protein is an important part of a diet. It is recommended that the average adult man consumes 56 grams of protein and the average adult woman consumes 46 grams. This number may change depending on the level of physical activity a person engages in throughout the day. Red meat such as steak contains around 62 grams of proteins. This is more than enough protein to fulfill the recommended daily intake. Steak should not be eaten every day and instead should be eaten sporadically throughout the week for the best physical health.

Protein plays an integral role in helping the body to maintain energy throughout the day. When there is a deficiency in protein, the body will feel tired and have trouble building muscle. People with low levels of protein may experience mood swings, fatigue, and muscle pain. Eat more steaks and avoid a mid-day slump.


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