9 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Cooking Fun

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Pancake-Dinosaur_730x350The idea of cooking can be daunting or even overwhelming for some, and having tools to enhance the experience in an entertaining and lighthearted manner can help to produce the desired results. Several companies have created utensils that inspire the chef, the cuisine, and the party through jokes, themes, and practicality. Here are nine kitchen gadgets that will make cooking fun for everyone but also be incredibly useful to you and your guests.

1) Cartoon Pancake Molds

Cartoon pancake molds are great for children, but they can be adult friendly as well. By shaping your pancake batter and stamping Stewie Griffin’s face in the golden brown fluff you can create syrup ravines that fill how his two dimensional football shaped face.

You’ve heard of Mickey Mouse pancakes, but new age cartoon molds will take your morning culinary skills to the next level and have your kids thinking you are the new Rachael Ray or Emeril. Not into pancakes? You can get just as animated using eggs and create an over easy Bart Simpson.

2) Millennial Cookie Cutters

You can now stamp hashtags and memes into your favorite cookie dough with gadgets such as millennial inspired cookie cutters. Appeal to a younger crowd with OMG ginger snaps or SMH sugar cookies. Emoji cookie cutters are also great for children and can help to express a certain mood or occasion for which the tasty treats are made.

It will give the phrase “doughy eyed” a whole new meaning! Blow your crush a kiss on Valentine’s Day, give that grad an exclamatory thumbs up, or send your brother a smiling pile of poo to induce a tasty stomach laugh. witty

3) Witty Bowls and Measuring Cups

Complement your breakfast or bowl of soup with a snarky remark. Witty bowls, cups, and other dishes are great for picking up the mood in the kitchen or congratulating yourself once you’ve fin-ished your plate. Dishes such as coffee cups can forewarn guests about the crankiness that en-sues before your first sip to the level of happiness when you reach the bottom. Reminders, poet-ry, inspiring quotes, song lyrics, and even mnemonic devices all cultivate a positive energy for creative culinary arts. Need to get an important message across? Perhaps tell the world of your concealed identity as a “cereal killer” around the rim of your favorite Wheaties bowl. funny apron

4) Funny Aprons

Aprons are classic game changers in the kitchen. Dads grill in them, moms bake in them, and movies play up the irony they can present (i.e. gender and genital swapping aprons). There are tons of funny aprons in production that display culinary jokes and advice like, “don’t cook bacon naked,” as well as witty movie quotes, famous cartoon characters, and gender based wordplay statements such as, “It’s all fun and games until someone burns their wiener.” Don’t forget the endless list of sexual puns that adults can enjoy with close family and friends such as “I rub my meat for 2 minutes… but enough about my grilling secrets.” stormtrooper

5) Storm Trooper Oven Mitts

Everyone loves Star Wars, or they can at least appreciate the legacy. Storm Trooper oven mitts are an awesome addition to the kitchen, especially for nerdy parties that might include science fiction movies, live action role playing, or video games. In reality, Storm Trooper oven mitts are awesome for anyone that appreciates American pop culture and just doesn’t want to burn their fingers.

They are made of silicone and can protect from temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahren-heit. Just be careful not to hit your head on the oven. May the force be with you.


6) Steampunk Coffee and Spice Grinder

Steampunk coffee and spice grinders are mechanical gadgets that let you peer into the inner workings of the way the grinder actually works. They are incredibly fun to watch and allow you to make a game out of making breakfast, or you can just live out a fantasy of gritty futuristic cook-ing. Just pretend you are Will Smith in Wild Wild West on the hunt to save the world from “Blood-bath” McGrath, but you can only do so by first having your morning cup of coffee. Enjoy this cast iron mill style contraption for the freshest brew and boldest flavor. drumstick utensils

7) Drumstick Utensils

Musicians rejoice! You’ve probably seen wooden spoons with drumstick tips, and they are just as functional as they appear. The next time you are rocking out while preparing your favorite meal, whip out a pair of spoons or spatulas to drum out a chorus while the water boils. Tell Vic Firth to eat his heart out. Not as interested in cooking as you are eating with your favorite musical acces-sory? Try a pair of drum chopsticks and indulge in the raw energy of that spicy tuna! Gadgets such as these incorporate multi-media art, marrying music with culinary creativity.


8) Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder

Poke fun, literally, with a voodoo doll toothpick holder. It may not be a kitchen utensil so to speak, but it is a fine gadget that can sit on your dining room table so guests can pick their teeth in antic-ipation of the dessert you are about to whip up. Just hope that dinner wasn’t too disappointing and that no one has cursed the voodoo doll to be the host of the party! This multi-colored dummy is perfect for themes parties, especially related to Halloween or American Horror Story mara-thons. Be careful not to poke yourself!


9) Presidential Nutcracker

Election Day is rapidly approaching, and so are Falkland winter holidays. Do you know what peo-ple use during the holidays? That’s right, nuts. Why not poke fun at the absurdity in politics with a presidential nutcracker? Talk about the ultimate pun. Not to mention they are actually incredibly useful, all political debate aside. While Steinbach offers a far more classic presidential series, you can find modern comedic relief on Amazon, such as Hillary Clinton with thighs of steel. Regard-less of who you vote for, all presidential candidates are good for a laugh and a whole lot of nuts. You could have pecan pie for days.

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