9 Signs You Are Aging Prematurely

By Amanda Morgan

Every year people turn one year older and they start to recognize the benefits from looking young. While it is impossible to stop growing older, looking older is optional. Often specific features on a person can age faster than the rest of their body which may cause them to look older. Usually, the features which causes a person to prematurely age can be found on their face, neck, and hands. Fortunately, in today’s day and age there are many remedies available to tackle these signs of aging and restore one’s youthful appearance. Here are nine signs to watch out for which may indicate you are aging prematurely.

1) Grey Hair

Hair is an important feature on a person and can say a lot about them. Specifically, the color of a person’s hair indicates a lot about their age. Grey hair is commonly associated with aging and may cause a person to look much older than they are. Some people find themselves going grey as early as 25. Unfortunately, going grey at such a young age is largely genetic and there is little that can be done to prevent it. However, hair dye is a viable solution that can be an easy to fix to this problem. When dying your hair, it is important to pick a color that compliments your facial tone and looks natural. Unnatural looking colors can cause wrinkles and lines on the face to stand out, and make a person look older.

2) Wrinkles

One of the most common telltale signs of premature aging is wrinkles on the face and hands. Wrinkles most commonly form around the eyes and mouth and forehead. These wrinkles can be caused by stress, smiling, or dehydration. They can also be caused by sunlight which destroys collagen, an important component of skin that maintains elasticity. Once this damage occurs, it is hard to help skin regain its elasticity and youthful appearance. If you notice wrinkles starting to form on your hands or face, it is important to take steps to prevent further wrinkles from forming. There are lotions and topical creams that can be applied daily to help you regain rejuvenated, healthier skin. Some people have even used laser treatments to further eradicate wrinkles. It is important to always discussed these treatment options with a dermatologist before using them.

3) Age Spots

Relaxing in the sun can be fun but often we forget about the negative side effects it can have on our skin. One major side effect of over exposure to the sun is age spots also known as liver spots or sun spots. These spots, commonly found on the hands, face, and neck, can cause a person to look older than they are. In order to prevent age spots, always use sunscreen when exposed to the sun. Dermatologists recommend using at least 30 SPF, and reapplying every two hours. If age spots are starting to creep their way onto your face, there are home remedies that people claim can be used to remove them. One of the most popular is using lemons on the face to lighten and eliminate spots.

4) Red Eye

It is said that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul but they can also be the windows to a person’s age. Eyes that are vibrant and clear help a person to maintain a youthful vibe while eyes that have become cloudy or red cause a person to look older. Cloudy and red eyes may even be a warning sign of an underlying health condition that has caused the premature aging such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. These conditions can be combated with a change in diet or medication. Once the alignment is addressed, the red eyes should return to normal and give off a youthful glow again. Another trick to maintaining youthful eyes is to drink a lot of water throughout the day. The water will make the whites of your eyes brighter and livelier.

5) Gaunt Hands

Most people turn to their face when they think about the features which may display premature aging. While the face is very important in helping people maintain a vibrant look, it is not the only feature that plays a role. The hands are a critical part of your body that may be conveying to the people around you that you are older than you truly are. Hands that have a gaunt appearance such as looking frail, having wrinkles, or having prominent veins are typically associated with aging. Take back your youth and rejuvenate those hands with lotions and creams. Get more for your money by using the face products designed to treat wrinkles on your hands too. Most products will work on both the hands and face while producing stunning results.

6) Changes in Eye Shape

As people age, skin elasticity decreases and wrinkles increase. Skin that was once firm and elastic no longer maintains its resilience and starts to sag. While this may happen all over the face, one of the most obvious places is near the eyes. When the skin starts to droop over the eyes, the eyes may appear to change shape and look slanted. If these changes start to happen early in a person’s life, they may notice that they look much older than they truly are. Fortunately, there are creams that can be used nightly to help the skin become firm and go back into place. Plastic surgery can also be considered when topical treatment is ineffective. If your eyes have drastically changed shape or size, please consult a doctor as this may be a sign of a more serious condition.

7) Dry Skin

Moisture is key when it comes to your skin. When the skin is dry, it will become flaky and show fine lines especially on the face. The skin’s elasticity will also be at an all-time low when a person is dehydrated and thus cause sagging skin. By keeping the skin hydrated, it can slow these signs of premature aging and help you to look younger than ever. It is recommended that people drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day to remain sufficiently hydrated. Moisturizer can also be used when the weather is hot to provide extra moisture to the skin. In the winter consider investing in a humidifier to help supply more moisture into the air. With these few tips, say goodbye to premature aging and hello to a younger looking you.

8) Dull Hair

You may be noticing that your hair is not as vibrant as it once was. Your once luscious hair is dull and dry no matter how you cut or style it. This dry, dull hair may be a sign of premature aging and cause you to look older. As you age, hair follicles function diminishes and does not produce the glowing hair as it once did. The first rule of preventing dull hair is to treat your hair with respect. Over styling and coloring will cause the hair to damaged faster than normal. Instead, moisturize your hair and get it cut regularly. Eating healthy and giving your body the proper nutrients is also important in maintaining healthy hair. For extreme cases there are medications and supplements, such as Biotin, that can be taken to help dull hair.

9) Thinning Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Eyebrows and eyelashes tend to thin out as people grow older. This thinning can be due to hormonal changes, dietary changes, or dry skin. While it is common for people to occasionally lose eyebrow hairs and eyelashes, it becomes a problem when these two start to drastically thin out. Ultimately, this thinning will cause people to look older. If the thinning only affects small regions, it can be treated by using cosmetic products such as mascara and eyebrow gel to make them appear fuller. In addition, some people turn to their diet to correct this problem by consuming foods high in vitamins H, E, and C such as pork, spinach, and oranges. Other options for reversing severe thinning eyebrows and eyelashes include using hair serums or coconut oil.

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